Day 24, Sexy and Vampy!

Hey Peeps, I had to pop into town today. I could have got ready quickly but instead, for some unknown reason, I decided to go full-on autumnal glam with my make up...which took ages! I applied some full coverage foundation that I hadn't used since last Autumn, and an eye-shadow palette that I also hadn't... Continue Reading →

Day 8, The Boys’ Barbecue!

Hey Peeps! This morning I felt very awake and ready for the day! My boyfriend and I had a lazy morning as we only had a BBQ to attend later in the evening! I leisurely put on my eye make-up, practising with the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette! I love days like this, as... Continue Reading →

Day 6, My New Palette!

Hey Peeps! I felt like a new person this morning! The Mirtazapine is working, that I'm sure of. It's amazing how much more awake and productive I've felt since taking it. My eyes still look like I'm stoned but I don't want to crawl under a table and hide in the corner... so every cloud... Continue Reading →

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