Day 26, Invisible Brick Wall!

Hey Peeps, Lately I've been feeling like there's an invisible brick wall in front of me, stopping me from moving forward. All I can do is stand still, or go backwards. Neither of those options are making me happy. But today, I knocked that goddamn wall down! I don't know how I did it...and I... Continue Reading →

day 14! Camera, Chair, Action!

Hey Peeps! This morning my new Camera arrived! I ordered it about a week ago and I am so bloody excited to start using it! It's an entry level Blogging/Vlogging camera, The Canon camera I'd had my eye on for some time just seemed too much money when the time actually came to purchase it... Continue Reading →

Back for Good!

Hey Peeps! “It's been a long time” Since I uploaded to my blog but “I’m back for good” (who doesn't love quoting a cheesy take that song lyric once in a while?!). I am happy to tell you that I did complete my lipstick challenge... and I did document it all in my Journal... but... Continue Reading →

Day 12, I Heart Pilates!

Hey Peeps! It was a slow start to this morning but I really needed it! What I think really helps me to relax and chill out these days other than drugs of the prescription variety is to watch my favourite YouTubers. This morning I mainly watched What Olivia Did (link) I'm a newbie to her... Continue Reading →

Day 10, Pizza Was Needed!!!!!!

Hey Peeps! Today started off well. My boyfriend made me crumpets for breakfast before he went off to work – Someone's gotta pay the bills around here! But as soon as he left the house, I started to panic about going back to work myself. Last night I'd felt a little panicky, but it passed... Continue Reading →

Day 6, My New Palette!

Hey Peeps! I felt like a new person this morning! The Mirtazapine is working, that I'm sure of. It's amazing how much more awake and productive I've felt since taking it. My eyes still look like I'm stoned but I don't want to crawl under a table and hide in the corner... so every cloud... Continue Reading →

Day 5, Best Mum Ever!

Hey Peeps! Today I wasn’t feeling that great after yesterday, which was no surprise to me. The Mirtazapine had chilled me out loads though, which I was really thankful for. I think my mum had been pretty worried about me, because just before my boyfriend left for work, she turned up at my front door!... Continue Reading →

Day 4, Remember to Breathe

Hey Peeps! It was back to work for me today and it didn't go well! I woke up feeling pretty crappy, again! I got completely ready for work then started having a panic attack whilst trying to leave the house. I took a Diazepam. I didn’t know what else to do because in that moment,... Continue Reading →

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