Day 8, The Boys’ Barbecue!

Hey Peeps! This morning I felt very awake and ready for the day! My boyfriend and I had a lazy morning as we only had a BBQ to attend later in the evening! I leisurely put on my eye make-up, practising with the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette! I love days like this, as... Continue Reading →

Day 7, Bing! I’m Awake!

Hey Peeps! I was up and at 'em this morning! I hadn't felt this awake in years! The Mirtazapine had been making my mind a bit foggy but today, that had totally lifted! Although, my eyes still felt a little heavy. My boyfriend and I decided to go for a swim. I wore my old... Continue Reading →

Day 6, My New Palette!

Hey Peeps! I felt like a new person this morning! The Mirtazapine is working, that I'm sure of. It's amazing how much more awake and productive I've felt since taking it. My eyes still look like I'm stoned but I don't want to crawl under a table and hide in the corner... so every cloud... Continue Reading →

Day 5, Best Mum Ever!

Hey Peeps! Today I wasn’t feeling that great after yesterday, which was no surprise to me. The Mirtazapine had chilled me out loads though, which I was really thankful for. I think my mum had been pretty worried about me, because just before my boyfriend left for work, she turned up at my front door!... Continue Reading →

Day 4, Remember to Breathe

Hey Peeps! It was back to work for me today and it didn't go well! I woke up feeling pretty crappy, again! I got completely ready for work then started having a panic attack whilst trying to leave the house. I took a Diazepam. I didn’t know what else to do because in that moment,... Continue Reading →

Day 3, Sticky When Kissing!

Hey Peeps! I spent this morning cleaning my house. I now only work 16 hours a week, and I work those hours over 2 days. I had to drop my hours due to my mental health problems. It's still something I struggle to get my head around most days as I used to be a Full... Continue Reading →

Day 2, Pub Quiz Ready!

Hey peeps! Today's lipstick was my first lucky-dip pick and it was... Rio Rio, by Topshop. I won this lipstick a while back now, and to this day its still one of my favourite lipsticks ever and its massively underrated in my humble opinion. In the late morning my boyfriend and I loosely made plans... Continue Reading →

Day 1, Girls Night Out

Hey peeps! Today was a good day! I was all set for our girls night out. Outfit, check! Hair style, check! Make up, check! As you already know from my previous blog post I actually ended up picking my lipstick for this eve, and I ended up picking....... Candy Yum Yum by Mac. I am... Continue Reading →

Day 0, Welcome to my Blog!

It was that time again... the girls night out! That time when I usually agonise over what to wear.  But this time, I had recently purchased  a black  jumpsuit, a pair of espadrille wedges and some massive red tasselled earrings. I was good to go, so to speak.  But then, I thought about my make... Continue Reading →

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