Day 16, Bye! Bye! Grey!

Hey Peeps, I slept so badly last night...It's becoming a problem. I've been known to hallucinate from lack of sleep and my OCD combined. I really don't want that to happen again. I may need my doctors help? I'll keep you informed. I probably had a maximum of 4 hours sleep last night, which is... Continue Reading →

Day 15, Here we go…..again!

Hey peeps, I'm back again to carry on with my lipstick challenge. Although I did complete it last time, I never did end up uploading the results to my blog. Instead of putting up last years (OMG! Has it been that long!) I thought I'd start it again from day 15. I enjoyed doing it... Continue Reading →

73 Questions Challenge.

Hey Peeps! So I haven’t written a blog post in a while for so many reasons, but mainly because I've been struggling with my mental health. I've been feeling a bit lost, questioning who I am and what I truly like. From having extensive CBT I  have improved with managing most of the intrusive thoughts... Continue Reading →

My Beauty Advent.

Hey Peeps, In November I became obsessed with watching Youtube videos reviewing Beauty Advent Calendars, to the point where I wanted them all, but at the same time I wanted none of them! This was because the element of surprise had been shattered. I still wanted one though and was definitely going to buy one... Continue Reading →

day 14! Camera, Chair, Action!

Hey Peeps! This morning my new Camera arrived! I ordered it about a week ago and I am so bloody excited to start using it! It's an entry level Blogging/Vlogging camera, The Canon camera I'd had my eye on for some time just seemed too much money when the time actually came to purchase it... Continue Reading →

Back for Good!

Hey Peeps! “It's been a long time” Since I uploaded to my blog but “I’m back for good” (who doesn't love quoting a cheesy take that song lyric once in a while?!). I am happy to tell you that I did complete my lipstick challenge... and I did document it all in my Journal... but... Continue Reading →

Day 13, My Mum’s Cat.

  Hey Peeps! Today I was put in charge of feeding my Mum's Cat, who is aptly named 'Cat'. This meant I had to catch the dreaded bus as I don't drive. Top 5 reasons why I hate catching the bus! 1, Crowds of people huddled together 2, The impending worry of getting off at... Continue Reading →

Day 12, I Heart Pilates!

Hey Peeps! It was a slow start to this morning but I really needed it! What I think really helps me to relax and chill out these days other than drugs of the prescription variety is to watch my favourite YouTubers. This morning I mainly watched What Olivia Did (link) I'm a newbie to her... Continue Reading →

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