Day 32, Spring Inspired Look!

Hey Peeps,

I started today like I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks now… by meditating! I use Headspace, and I love it! I’ve really noticed a change in my mood, and my overall mental health in general. I then decided to play with some make-up. It was such a bright, sunny day that I just felt like creating a spring inspired look.

Firstly, I prepped my skin by using all my usual skincare, but decided to add in an extra step to give my skin a bit more of a glow. I used the Pixi by Petra Glow Booster (liquid face illuminator) in Peach Gold. I used this stuff so much throughout last spring and summer that once I had ran out of it, I immediately repurchased some more. I then continued applying all my normal base make-up, then I bronzed and highlighted with my normal everyday bronzer and highlighter, but swapped out my normal everyday natural blush for a pop of pink instead. I found an oldie-but-a-goodie in my collection to use, Max Factor Miracle Touch, Creamy Blush in the colour soft pink.

I proceeded to fill in my eyebrows (boring!), then finally it was on to the fun stuff. I started with my eye-shadow, using my fav eye-shadow of all time…Chickadee by MAKEUP GEEK. This is a stunning yellowy/orange eye-shadow. I applied it all over the lid then blended it in to my crease using a mustered shade eye-shadow. I then took a blue eye-liner and applied it to my water line. I popped on some mascara to finish off my eye look.

Today’s challenge lipstick/lip-crayon Pumpkin Pie 2 completed my spring inspired look perfectly. I bought this lipstick last year when I was on the hunt for a more affordable alternative to the peach lipsticks Too Faced were selling. Pumpkin Pie 2 is by the brand Collection and costs £2.99 on


After applying my spring inspired make-up look I took a leisurely stroll into town, mainly because I needed to repurchase some foundation and concealer. Whilst doing this, I stumbled across a liquid eye-shadow that was screaming my name, so I bought that too! Did I need it? No… But did I want it? Yes, yes I did! I also fancied some new clothes. I’d been on a clothing no-buy since Autumn as I’ve been wanting to lose some more weight, but because the weather was so nice and Topshop had a sale on I though ‘why the hell not?’ I walked away with two new tops. I couldn’t have been happier!

Pumpkin Pie 2 needed reapplying once I got home but had fared well whilst I was in town for a couple of hours. I love the colour and feel of this lipstick on my lips, but it does separate a little, so I’m not a massive fan of the formula. If I dab it with my finger after it’s been applied, that does seem to help reduce the separation a little.

In the evening me and my boyf visited my Dad. I hadn’t seen him since I’d returned from New York and I blabbed about it loads and showed him tons of photo’s from the trip… he was probably bored out of his brain, but I wasn’t! My Dad then cooked us all an array of breaded chicken, then filled me and the boyf in on the happenings going on in his life….which, may I add, are always entertaining! Once the news came on the TV It was time for me and the boyf to leave. My dad loves the news. Me on the other hand… not so much!

Once me and the boyf got home I took my make up off straight away. Pumpkin Pie 2 did need touching up a few more times throughout the day and eve but it’s a moisturising lipstick/lip-crayon, so that’s pretty standard. The rest of my make-up wore really well though and hadn’t needed any retouching. Me and the boyf spent the rest of the eve in bed. The boyf playing a game on his switch and me watching Youtube on my phone. Ahhhhh! Bliss!


I’d like to dedicate this post to my Dad. Thanks for the chicken this eve and the funny stories you always tell. You are hilariously bonkers and I love you very much. X

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