Day 31, Fresh,Welsh, Air!

Hey Peeps!

Yesterday I hopped on a train to visit my dear friend and ex-colleague in beautiful Wales. I was running late and feeling stressed (as per usual) before I caught the train. I was planning to make sure I covered two lipsticks for my blog challenge over this weekend that I hadn’t reviewed yet… but in a fluster this morning I forgot, and applied a lipstick I’d already reviewed instead… Oops! I did however pack a lipstick in my overnight bag that I haven’t yet reviewed… I guess 1 out of 2 ain’t bad!

My journey to Wales was delightful as the scenery is so stunning and also the sun was shining. It’s a myth that it only ever rains in Wales, that’s for sure! By the time I reached my destination I was a lot more chilled and I was really excited to spend time with my friend, her boyf and their two lovely dogs. We spent the rest of the day and all of the evening just chilling. We chatted for hours, ate pizza and watched Rom-Coms. It was perfect.

The next day, me, my friend and her boyf decided to go for breakfast at a Harvester nearby. I got ready and applied today’s challenge lipstick. Redwood Forest by Burt’s Bee’s.


I bought this lipstick/lip crayon whilst in New York for my 40th Birthday, when me and my niece embarked on a make-up buying frenzy in ULTA. We also did the exact same thing in SEPHORA half an hour prior. I’d first seen Redwood Forest on Allana Davison’s YouTube channel. She raved about it a couple of times and because it looked so pretty on her, I just had to buy it. Redwood Forest is so moisturising on the lips but still has great colour pay off. It’s a berry colour and although it states on the side of its packaging that it is Matte I personally don’t think it is. On me at least, it’s more like a really pigmented lip-balm but I’m not mad at it! Not one little bit! It’s lush!

At the Harvester, I ate Eggs Benedict which were Yumstastic! I went to the toilet after and Redwood forest had completely disappeared from my lips, which wasn’t surprising. I reapplied Redwood Forest and enjoyed the process greatly as it felt so hydrating. I noticed over the next couple of hours that Redwood Forest wore off just naturally and needed replying often. This didn’t bother me… not in slightest.

Once I had said my goodbyes to my friend, her boyf and their two dogs I jumped on the train back home. I’d had the best time and felt rejuvenated. What can I say… There’s nothing quite like good company, a new lippy and the fresh Welsh air to clear out the cobwebs of the mind!


I’d like to dedicate this blog post to Laura (aka Hayes), G, Luna and Max. Thank you for being so warm and welcoming whenever I come to your house to stay. Thanks G for putting up with me and Laura’s girly chats and movie choices. Thanks Luna and Max for being the cutest dogs ever and thanks Laura for being so funny and for never judging me… no matter what! You are a life saver… literally. X

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