Day 30, My 40th Birthday!

Hey Peeps,

Way before I panic-checked for my passport, I made sure I had selected some of my fav lipsticks to take with me to New York for my 40th Birthday. I also looked through the remaining lipsticks in my collection that I hadn’t used yet in my challenge. During this process, I came across 3 fatalities of the liquid lipstick variety. Luckily, they weren’t one’s that I liked that much any more. I wasn’t that surprised that it was 3 liquid lipsticks that had gone bad, not at all, because their shelf life will always pale in comparison compared to a bullet lipstick. To be completely honest with you, I was glad… this meant I could buy a couple of new lipsticks whilst in New York! I had been on a no-buy when it came to lip products since I started my 50 lipsticks challenge…. a trillion years ago! Now, because this is a challenge dedicated to using and documenting all 50 of my lipsticks, I have to adhere to that….right? Well, that was my excuse for breaking my no-buy on lip products rule, and I definitely stuck to it.

Fast forward… about a week later and 3 very cold yet amazing days in New York and I’m making my own Lipstick in the BITE LAB in Soho on my 40th B’day. My lovely Boyf spoilt me with what I can only describe as a dream come true. I was beyond excited to make my own signature lipstick. I loved it and I love the Boyf even more (if that’s even humanly possible) for paying for me to have this amazing experience.

I opted for the cheapest package as the Boyf was paying….He paid for the trip to New York too so I wasn’t going to take the piss out of his already extremely generous nature. There were a few other packages though but I was more than happy with the one I picked.

A LA CARTE – $55 For one Lipstick.


I loved my lipstick making experience, including Christina, the member of staff who physically brought my Lipstick Baby to life. She was delightful. There were only a few other people making lipsticks with their own personal “mixologist” in the lab that day. It was a very intimate experience and well worth the money. At the end of the experience I had my new lipstick baby that I aptly named 1979 after the year I was born….not after the Smashing Pumpkins song, I’m just not that cool. If I had opted for one of the more expensive packages, I could have had my Lipstick baby engraved with it’s name…..just a heads up. I was actually OK without having 1979 engraved on my lipstick as I knew I could always make my own label for it at home if I choose to, but it really is no biggy to me. If I had to pick one thing that I would of hoped was different…. at a push, it’s that I would of liked to have been a bit more hands on (mixing the pigments preferably) but I’m fully aware that that’s what Christina was trained for, and probably because of health and safety too. I guess what I learnt coming out of this experience is that I want to be Christina…! Not in a creepy way, just that I want to be a “mixologist”. Alas there are only 4 BITE LABS, 1 in Canada and 3 in America, so that will just have to join all the other unrealistic life goals in my arsenal. Sigh!

1979 is a matte red lipstick, which tastes and smells of vanilla. I got to choose not just the colour but the finish as well as the scent. I think I made the right decision in all 3 aspects. I also think I may of created my replacement for Champion.

After the best start to my birthday ever…. me, my Mum, my Boyf, my Niece, my Bff and her Boyfriend (who had all come along to the big apple to celebrate my b’day with me) went to Central Park to go ice skating. It was one of only a handful of things I wanted to do whilst in New York. Before we even got to the rink we played in the snow for a bit. It was magical.

Finally we found the rink which was covered by a blanket of snow and only two workers attempting to clear it. We all decided that we still wanted to skate but didn’t want to wait to see if the Central Park rink workers succeeded in their mammoth task, so we hauled our cold asses over to the Rockefeller Center instead. It was great!


I did not reapply 1979 much throughout the day as it had great staying power…even though it snowed a lot! I guess you get what you pay for with BITE Cosmetics. Considering that I went for a matte finish I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was to wear. I’m over the moon with it! 5 stars!


I’d like to dedicate this post to my Mum, Boyf, Niece, Bff and my Bff’s Boyf. Thanks for spending my big 4-0 with me in New York. I’ll never forget how amazing it was. It was a trip of a lifetime! Love you all very, very much!

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