Day 28, It’s soul food!

Hey Peeps,

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post because over the Crimbo and New Year period I just fancied a break. I wanted to concentrate solely on being present in the moment and having fun. This was the first year, in years, that I actually managed to attend all the parties and get-togethers I’d been invited to and not get sick. I think just letting myself BE(!) Not worrying about what I should or shouldn’t be doing for once, really helped this happen.

Today I decided to get back on the blogging train though. It was time I started getting back into somewhat of a routine. Firstly, this morning I got myself up…. reasonably early and ready for the day ahead. Today’s challenge lipstick is called Runway by Barry M and it’s a liquid lipstick. I remember buying it because it came with a matching lip-liner. These combo’s were all the rage a while back, thanks to the power house that is Kylie Jenner. Needless to say I’ve had it a while. I’m happy to report though, that its formula is still as good as new.


Runway paired with its matching lip-liner is a really pretty muted pink colour. It’s not too drying….thankfully, as I was wear testing it not just today but into the evening too. It retails for £6.39, with the matching liner, on Amazon UK. I think if you like the colour and you like a liquid lipstick this is a very good option and it’s affordable too. I met my old boss for lunch and it was so relaxing, we had loads to chat about as we didn’t manage to meet up over the Crimbo and New Year period. We then wondered around town looking in shops. A very girly afternoon. Just what I’d needed. I only reapplied Runway once after eating. I noticed that it’s colour did get darker when layered on top of the remaining product and it didn’t feel as comfortable on my lips as it had when I’d first applied it.

When I got home I knew I had a couple of hours to kill before I was going out again. I decided to get into bed, put on my electric blanket and watch some YouTube. I also patted some lip-balm on top of Runway….That made it feel less drying and it also just happened to lighten the colour again. I touched up all of my make up again before I went out for the eve. This evening the Boyf had invited a couple of friends to join us in a pub in town to watch the Rugby for his belated bday get-together. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a rugby fan at all….which in the city I live in is seen as blasphemy to admit. It’s fair to say I was bored shitless before the game even started. But I love my Boyf and if I’ve learnt nothing else about how to sustain a long lasting happy relationship, I’ve learnt this- that sometime you have to do shit you don’t want too because your better half loves it. (all in moderation!) It has to go both ways though, or it just doesn’t work. I think “they” call it ‘give and take’. Believe me I’ve dragged him around enough clothes shops over the past 15 years and I know he fecking hates that but if I asked him to do it again tomorrow he still would. Compromise is key! You heard it here first peeps!


To be honest once our friends started arriving and we started chatting whilst watching the Rugby I wasn’t bored any more. After the game we went to another pub until they kicked us out at closing time. I mentioned dancing and me and the Boyf and another couple ended up doing just that, into the early hours of morning. Personally, for me, dancing is soul food! I wish I did it more! I had the best time! I reapplied Runway quite a few times throughout the eve and it progressively looked darker and felt dryer. I had to work really hard to remove it from my lips before I got into bed. I still rate it highly though and I honestly can’t say that about many of liquid lipsticks in my collection.


I’d like to dedicate this post to all the wonderful peeps I got to spend today and this eve with. Claire, Nick, Josh, Rob, Jenny, Dan and Steph. X

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  1. Not only did you look great and as always was a lovely catch up! And you managed to post this on babas birthday! Glad we had our girly time planned in 😘


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