Day 27, Mini Road Trip!

Hey Peeps,

This morning I woke up feeling pretty great! Last night I “babysat” My 16 year old niece and my 11 year old nephew. They are by far the best remedy when I’ve been feeling low. Their upbeat innocence is everything! I wish I could bottle it and drink it daily! I love them more than words could ever say! I was a little sad to leave them but I had an exciting day ahead of me. I was going on a mini road trip with my boyf to the West Midlands to visit my bff from uni. Yes I’m greedy, I have two bff’s.

Today’s lipstick for my challenge is 882 – Fiery Fuchia by Maybelline. It’s part of their colour sensational creamy matte range and it retails online for £5.33 at Amazon UK. This lipstick is really pretty, a true fuchsia pink…just what I was looking for. I had another fuchsia pink lipstick in my collection that I’d worn so much that it had become just a stub. I couldn’t find it again to repurchase. Fiery Fuchsia by Maybelline has definitely replaced it perfectly. It’s a really great price for the quality too. It’s matte looking but feels so comfortable to wear. The best type of lipstick to wear in my opinion.


During me and the boyf’s mini road trip, we finally decided to get into the Christmas spirit by singing along to some Crimbo tunes. All of the usual suspects were ruined by our inability to hold a note… Mariah, The Pogues and to my the boyf’s dismay – Biebs.

We finally arrived at our destination. My bff from uni and her husband were warm and welcoming like always and I had the added joy of spending time with their 3 year old son too. We went out for a walk over the park to tire the lil man out. When we got back we all had a good old catch up, ate curry and then I drank Prosecco… which was a perfect ending to a perfect day.


Fiery Fuchsia lasted about 3 hours on my lips before it needed a top up, which is standard. I prefer a lipstick that’s comfortable but needs topping up every 3-4 hours, rather than a liquid lipstick that lasts all day but is drying as hell.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my bff from uni, Nat. Thank you for having us over and entertaining us, even though you’re just a month away from having your second child. I can’t for a second imagine what my life would have been like if I had never met you. You mean the world to me! x

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