Day 26, Invisible Brick Wall!

Hey Peeps,

Lately I’ve been feeling like there’s an invisible brick wall in front of me, stopping me from moving forward. All I can do is stand still, or go backwards. Neither of those options are making me happy.

But today, I knocked that goddamn wall down! I don’t know how I did it…and I don’t care right now… I’m just glad it’s gone.

I knew I had to wait in at home today for my hello fresh box to be delivered, so I couldn’t go and climb a mountain with my new-found strength. Instead, I decided to do something creative that I enjoy, something that I hadn’t done in ages, something that I’d missed.

I put on some make-up!


During my funk, I’d watched a lot of make-up tutorials on YouTube. I particularly enjoyed watching the tutorials where the YouTuber’s would only use affordable make-up to get a complete look. I decided to challenge myself to do the same. I went through my extensive make-up collection and gave it a go! I used….

I actually really liked the finished look and I felt kinda pretty! Whilst I think all of the make-up I used is very good for the price, I do feel that some cheaper make-up products don’t last as long on the face as some of the more high-end products in my collection. Also, some of these products I used on my face today may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I’d stay well away from the blush I used if you’re not a big fan of shiny cheeks. It can be a bit intense! I used it with a very light hand. My top 5 fav’s were….

  1. The Foundation because… literally makes my skin look flawless. I’d heard from the TUBE that it is one of the best, affordable foundations out there. So when I saw Boots now stocked it… I snapped it up and I’m so glad I did.
  2. The Concealer because….. this is such a great concealer for my ageing under eyes. I do still have visible lines after using it but they’re not as bad as when I have used other concealers in the past. It also brightens my under-eye, in a way no other concealer I’ve used before ever has.
  3. The Bronzer because…….. it makes my skin look less pale but in a really natural, healthy kind of way.
  4. The Eye-shadow’s because…. they are ridiculously great quality for the price and the colours in this palette are all very pigmented, but can be blended out easily to give a not so intense look, if that’s more your thing.
  5. The Lipstick because……it’s RED!


As this blog post is for my lipstick challenge here’s my full review on it: Again, it’s a red lipstick so it’s one of my fav’s because of the colour alone. It gives the effect of a liquid lipstick without the crazy dryness. I do however think putting a lip balm on, then dabbing it off before applying this lipstick helps. I do have another little trick before applying it which I stole off MamaMiaMakeup…… where she takes a cotton bud, dips it in Micellar Water then uses it to take off the excess foundation on her lips. This helps to get the full colour pay off from any lipstick . I do this step before the lip balm. This lipstick wears well for about 3-4 hours before it needs reapplying, and it never completely disappears if you don’t reapply it.  It just looks more like a red lip stain.


BTW…. The hello fresh meal was delicious and because I’d knocked down that shitty invisible brick wall…I even enjoyed making it as much as I did eating it. Today was a good day!


I dedicate this post to all of the wonderful YouTuber’s I watched whilst I felt stuck. Thank you for distracting me from ruminating more than I usually would during one of my funks. x

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