Day 25, Dreaming of Sangria!

Hey Peeps,

I can’t believe I’m half way through my Lipstick challenge! I may have been a bit shit at applying my challenge lipsticks daily but I’ve stuck with it and that’s what’s important. This time I will definitely finish the challenge and upload the results. Promise!

Today I woke up feeling really positive! I think it was because before I went to bed last night I took a personality test. I’d never taken one before. It was online and called 16 personalities. The results were just as I’d hoped. They sounded exactly how I see myself when I’m not being bombarded by my intrusive OCD thoughts. I’ve been struggling a lot with them lately, so I just needed some reassurance of who I really am. If you’re interested…. I am a Campaigner (ENFP-T). I fall under the category of the Diplomats. I am enthusiastic, creative and a sociable free spirit, who can always find a reason to smile.


Me and the boyf had a date this eve. I booked it a few days earlier at a local Tapas restaurant as I’d been dreaming about Sangria and because we both wanted to try this place out again, as we hadn’t been to it in years. I personally think it’s really important to go on dates with my better half at least once a month. We’ve been together for 15 years and have lived together for 14 of them. Keeping the romance alive is very important and exciting too. I always shave, bathe and get all dolled up as if it’s our first date. I know it sounds a bit hokey. But for me it’s not just about the date experience, the prep is just as important.


Today’s or should I say this evenings challenge lipstick was Devoted by theBalm and it’s a liquid lipstick. I bought it in a 3 pack from Tk Maxx for £12.99. The other 2 liquid lipsticks that came in the pack are called Honest and Sincere. It retails Individually online at Superdrug for £14.99.


At the Tapas restaurant me and boyf ate lots of yummy food, ordered way more than we actually had room in our bellies for….standard! We drank a big jug of sangria between us, talked pretty solidly for a couple of hours about anything and everything. Neither one of us checked our phones. It was just like when we first started dating back in the olden days, better know as early 00’s, before smart phones. It was Bliss!

By the end of our date I popped to the toilet and Devoted wasn’t faring too well. I knew we were just going to go home next and I would be taking off my make-up straight away, so I just patted some Vaseline over my lips instead of reapplying Devoted again. I do like this liquid lipstick it’s a really pretty red colour. As I’ve mentioned before a red lip is my fav lip colour to rock! so I will always be biased. The formula is OK. I’m just not the biggest liquid lipstick fan across the board if I’m being honest, which is a bit weird as I own 18 of them.

I’d like to dedicate this post to the sugary deliciousness that is Sangria. Oh and to my date for the evening, Nick, who wasn’t too shabby either! X

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