Day 24, Sexy and Vampy!

Hey Peeps,

I had to pop into town today. I could have got ready quickly but instead, for some unknown reason, I decided to go full-on autumnal glam with my make up…which took ages! I applied some full coverage foundation that I hadn’t used since last Autumn, and an eye-shadow palette that I also hadn’t used since then either. I popped on today’s challenge lipstick, Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star, to complete my look.

Before I get into today’s challenge lipstick review I just wanted to do a mini review on the other two products I used. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation is amazing – it is super full coverage. If you’re a bit wrinkly like me though it does emphasize them, but other than that it’s pretty special. The palette I used is called New-trals vs Neutrals by Revolution. I’ve had it for a a while now and I still really rate it. Once upon a time, it had a high status of being one of the best affordable dupes out there for the ABH Modern Renaissance eye-shadow palette. Loads of beauty influencers on YouTube reviewed it saying so. I can’t confirm that as I’ve never tried the Modern Renaissance palette myself. Although, I think I bought it for my niece once, so maybe one day I’ll try it and compare the two. The orange shade in the New-trals vs Neutrals palette is the show stopper of the bunch, it’s what I’m wearing on my eyes in the photo above.


Today’s Challenge lipstick- Unicorn Blood by Jeffrey Star is my joint fav lipstick in my collection of 50. It ties first place with Lady Danger by Mac. I prefer Lady Danger when I’ve got a tan and Unicorn Blood when I’m less so. Unicorn Blood is just beautiful and on me it seems to look a different colour depending on the lighting in a room. Sometimes it looks reddish brown in colour and sometimes it looks like a rich berry colour. I couldn’t find it to purchase on Beauty Bay any more, which is where I purchased it from, but they do sell it still in liquid lipstick form for £16.00. The only place I found the lipstick version for sale was on Amazon for the hefty price of £33.99. Is it worth that much? Definitely not! I’d check out ebay first, if you’re interested. I will say though it’s worth purchasing, it’s sexy and vampy…perfect for this time of year! It doesn’t last very long on my lips, but I don’t mind that. I love reapplying it as it tastes like vanilla. YUM! It’s really comfortable to wear too!


When I got home from town I made some tea then put on my fav candle of all time: Powder Puff by Lily Flame. The smell reminds me of my childhood. I grew up in the 80’s when powder puffs were all the rage and it smells exactly like the one I had back in the day. I felt blissfully nostalgic! I put on AHS Freak Show. I’m working my way through each of the seasons again in preparation for season 8-Apocalypse. I’m beyond excited for that!!!!. My fav seasons so far are season 1-Murder House and season 3-Coven, but it’s fair to say my two fav characters out of all of the 7 seasons I’ve watched are in Freak Show, which is season 4. They are Twisty the Clown and Dandy. Twisty might look like the scariest character out of the two but Dandy, who acts like a petulant man child, is by far the creepiest, because he looks so normal. Textbook Psychopath! (Shudder!!!!)


I’d like to dedicate this post to all of the cast of AHS.(because of course they all read my blog) Thanks for always keeping me entertained, you are all ridiculously talented. If Ryan Murphy or Brad Falchuk ever have a shortage of extras, don’t hesitate to DM me. X

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