Day 21, Out of Nowhere!

Hey Peeps,

This morning, I got up at 7am. It’s been a while since I’ve had to get up that early. It was definitely a shock to the system. The reason for being up at this unearthly hour (I’m not a morning person….can you tell?) was because me and my boyf had a long journey ahead of us….a four hour drive to be precise. We were off to visit my boyf’s brother. Through blurry eyes, I applied today’s challenge lipstick Rimmel Kate Moss in shade 01. This lipstick smells like raspberries and tastes like it too. It’s very moisturising/hydrating on the lips and the colour is beautiful. It does transfer on to anything it comes into contact with, I’m constantly touching it up, but I don’t mind because it tastes so god-damn good. It retails for £5.49 online at Superdrug.




Me and the Boyf decided to listen to a podcast as the journey in the car was so mammoth. We chose S-Town, as we enjoyed Serial so much (It’s by the same people). We were transfixed the whole journey by this amazingly, complex story. By the time we arrived at my boyf’s brothers house we were half way through the series. I had never wished for a car journey to be longer before….I so desperately wanted to know what happened in the end. Alas, the rest of S-Town would have to wait until the drive back home, as we had people to see and places to be . It was so nice seeing the boyf’s brother and his partner, whom he lives with, as we hadn’t seen them in a year. We had coffee, a quick catch up and fussed Ziggy, their white cat who has one green eye and one blue eye, then made our way to a country pub for some grub.




At the pub we were then joined by my boyf’s brother’s partner’s sons, their girlfriends and Pedro the family dog. (that’s a mouthful). Everything was delightful, then out of nowhere I had a panic attack. Lately my panicking has felt more random than usual. I’m not sure why? I went to the toilet and did some breathing exercises….They didn’t work. I went outside to get some air….that didn’t work. Once we got back to the house, I went to our room and I fell asleep straight away….that never happens. I woke up 2 hours later and noticed I had inadvertently left a lipstick mark on the white pillow I’d been lying on. Like I said it’s not transfer proof. My stomach hurt and I spent most of the remainder of the day and early evening on the throne.




I was so embarrassed that I’d left lipstick marks on our host’s white bedding and the contents of today’s dinner in their upstairs loo. It’s fair to say it didn’t help my anxious state… not one little bit. I felt awful, but our hosts were so understanding when I caved, and gingerly explained the situation to them. Thankfully, I did chill out a bit after that. By the late evening everyone was getting merrily drunk, then they all made their way to the the pub at the end of the road, which had live music on. I did join them eventually but not for long, as I needed the reassurance that there would be toilet paper available if needed. Which is never a guarantee in a pub toilet at the quietest of times, let alone when it’s consistently 3 deep at the bar.


I’d like to dedicate this blog post to my gracious hosts Leigh and Sam. Thank you for always being so welcoming and kind. Sorry about the difficult to get out lipstick stain and the toilet paper shortage after my stay! Be sure to send me the bill. x

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