DAY 19, Fighting over furniture!

Hey Peeps,

I haven’t blogged in about a week because the PMS got worse and then the big “P” hit! I felt like utter shite. My anxiety was on another level during this time, which then brought on my OCD and a shit-tonne of crying, which resulted in my crippling inability to leave the house. Today…I am happy to report that the fog of crappiness has lifted. I wasn’t massively motivated though, so I still had to drag myself out of bed…. but I took a long soak, which really helped. I used my current favourite bubbly bath, Imperial Leather Marshmallow. It smells delicious! You can pick this stuff up in all leading supermarket chains for the bargain price of just £1. After, I got ready for the day ahead, which included applying today’s challenge lipstick – Mac- Chili.


I have mine in the mini size which retails for £10 online at Debenhams, the full size costs £17.50. I think the colour of this lipstick is just STUNNING! It’s like a burnt orange colour with a hint of red. It’s a matte finish and it lasts on my lips for about 4 hours before it needs reapplying. I felt really nice wearing it today, which is just what I needed after a week of feeling beyond terrible. Me and the boyf decided today was the day to take that dreaded trip to Ikea, to buy the sofa bed we’d been putting off purchasing since about 2015. It was pretty clear by the time we got to Ikea I wasn’t feeling nearly as well as I’d thought, I felt faint, nervous and insecure and then me and the boyf got into a domestic in the middle of the shop… I know, we’re such a cliché! But the thing is we never fight….. like ever! It’s bliss!




I guess a very busy Ikea, plus my hormonal imbalance, can bring out the worst in the most stablest of couples. We made up very quickly after though, thank god, then we proceeded to buy that damn sofa bed. When we picked it up, we looked at it, then looked at our car, and then at each other… our shared look translated as “that’s not fucking fitting in there”. And we were right! Luckily, my amazing Mum and Step-Dad came to the rescue in our shared camper van. Later in the eve me, the boyf, my Mum and Step-Dad went to the quiz at our local pub. I went to the toilet before it started for a little cry….Standard! Then, I reapplied my lippy. It didn’t need much of a touch-up, It had weathered surprisingly well through the argument, a cheeky burger king and a pint of lager. I was very proud of it. It’s defo one of my fav’s!


I’d like to dedicate this post to my amazing Mum and Step-Dad. No matter the favour, be it big, be it small, be it near impossible, they will always say “yes, we can help”. Thank you guys, I’d be lost without ya! x

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