Day 17, Face Mask Fail!

Hey Peeps,

I woke up really happy this morning mainly because me and my boyfriend were cuddling. Don’t vomit just yet, this isn’t going to be a mushy post, I’m only telling you this because I can’t remember the last time I woke up to us cuddling. This is due to the crazy hot summer we’ve had in England this year. The cooler weather last night really helped me get off to sleep and stay asleep too. These two rarities combined made me feel like a “normal” human being for once and I just felt like sharing!

I started the day slowly, watched some YouTube, put on a clothes wash, made a fry-up for the Boyf and had a relaxing bath. I tried a new face mask whilst in the bath, it said on the packet it was for evening use. I ignored that, as I’m a rebel! It was of the peel off variety. It never dried down at all, so I never got to peel it off. It sucked, but I wasn’t going to let that crappy face mask spoil my good mood. I was feeling creative after my bath and decided to spend a bit longer on my make up than usual, before going round to a friends for the evening.

My challenge lipstick today is MAC- Retro.


This lipstick was a gift and I fricking love it! Everyone and their mothers loves a MAC lipstick and that’s for good reason…. they smell amazing! Also, there’s a colour and finish to suit everyone. Retro is a satin finish, which is so comfortable to wear but doesn’t last as long as their matte finish lipsticks, which are equally as comfortable to wear in my opinion. Retro is a red berry colour with a brownish undertone. Not sure if a brownish undertone is a thing but this colour is really difficult to explain. I highly recommend swatching it on your hand next time you pass a Mac counter, you won’t regret it, it’s purrrrrty! Retro retails on line for £17.50 at Debenhams, and at the moment they have 10% off.

I went to my friends and I gorged on snacks (naughty), drank cheap red wine (my fav) and ate home made pasta bake (YUM!). We had a good old catch up, which was really nice as we hadn’t seen each other in ages. Then we watched The Girl On The Train. Which for the record was so much better than I remembered it being. I knew it was good but I had totally forgotten what happens at the end….don’t you just love it when that happens! This film was based on the book of the same name by Paula Hawkins, I now want to read her new book- Into The Water, pronto! Retro only lasted a few hours on my lips this evening. It definitely needs reapplying every 2-4 hours if you’re eating a lot and drinking often.

When I got home My friend who lives in Wales face timed me. She virtually showed me around her new kitchen, opening draws that magically closed by themselves, I watched in awe….It was like kitchen porn, at least for me! We also discovered that there are face time games, there were a couple but my fav was the stare out competition. They were all really random. Check it out for yourself next time you’re on it. It had us in stitches. It was nearly midnight and we were now both too hyper to sleep because of it… like two little kids who’d had one too many blue Smarties before bed!

I dedicate this blog post to my cuddly boyfriend Nick, who will definitely cringe when he reads this but will still love me regardless….I hope!

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