Day 15, Here we go…..again!

Hey peeps,

I’m back again to carry on with my lipstick challenge. Although I did complete it last time, I never did end up uploading the results to my blog. Instead of putting up last years (OMG! Has it been that long!) I thought I’d start it again from day 15. I enjoyed doing it last time so much, why not again? I’ve also been struggling to leave the house or to just get ready when I’m at home. I’m very comfortable with just slobbing around that’s for sure. Self care though is very important in the battle to improve mental health issues, so this can only be a good thing….right? Well I have nothing to loose, so here I go…..

Today started slow, like most of my days lately to be fair. I didn’t sleep well last night, I never really do but I’m working on it. About 1ish I got hungry and quickly realised I had fuck all to eat in the house. I decided to get ready and hunt down some fuel. Today’s lipstick for the challenge is N47 – Rouge Artist Natural. By the brand Make Up For Ever.


I bought it from TK Maxx for £3 (Bargain) I found it in the reduced make- up section. Similar lipsticks by this brand, retail for about £18.50 on the Debenhams website. but I literally couldn’t find this exact lipstick for sale anywhere. Sorry! I guess that’s why I found it randomly in TK Maxx, on sale. It’s a pretty lipstick, very creamy and hydrating, a bit shimmery and is red/pink in colour.

I eventually managed to source a bacon roll in town and ate it in less than a minute. (my personal best time…by far). When I looked in a mirror 5 minutes later my lipstick was non existent. I should of reapplied it but I didn’t. It’s definitely not one of my fav’s in my lipstick collection but I don’t hate it. I went to the gym, a bit later on with my friend, she’s amazing!!!! She’s like my Personal Trainer but she doesn’t fat shame me and she’s free, so Win! Win! I completely forgot to reapply today’s designated lippy, not a great start to this new leg of the challenge but in my defence my short term memory has been pants of late. Ask me to remember anything from 25 years ago and I can remember it like it was yesterday. Ask me to remember what I actually did yesterday and I haven’t got the foggiest. I’m seeing my doctor soon, I’ll ask her about it….If I remember?

I dedicate this blog post to my dear friend Kelly. Who encouraged me over to the weights section of the gym today, where all the buff dudes reside. Thanks for always helping me find the confidence to do things that I wouldn’t normally do. X

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