1-12. My First Ever Beauty Advent Calendar!

Lookfantastic 2017

Day 1-12

Day 1

Illamasqua, – Lava Lips Lipstick in Vixen

I’m totally in love with this lipstick and after opening it on day 1, I wore it for 5 days straight! It’s a marble effect lipstick that has quite a lot of different colours running through it, but on me, it’s mainly a medium pink in colour…. and it is really beautiful.

I teamed it with a standard pink lip-liner which I think helps it’s stay/wear-ability. It lasted pretty well on me, about 4 hours without having to be touched up (generally, lipsticks don’t last very long on my lips unless they are liquid lipsticks). It smells very expensive, not sure if that’s going to be to everyone’s taste but I really didn’t mind it.

The Lava lipsticks retails for £20 online but I couldn’t find a link to this particular shade. I have a feeling it may have been Limited addition, especially for Lookfantastic’s Subscription Box and Advent Calendar. I don’t think I’d pay £20 for another Lava Lipstick, but I’m more than happy with the one I’ve got!

Day 2

Ciate – Fierce Flicks in Black

I actually really like this liquid felt tip eye-liner!

I was quite shocked about this, as I have a favourite that I normally never stray from. It’s really easy to use, which is massive bonus when trying to get that perfect flick! The only real downside is that it’s not as black as I would have liked it to be. It retails for £15 on the Ciate London website, but I couldn’t see it for sale on Lookfantastic’s site, which I thought was strange. They may have sold out on the site. Or, they may only be available in the Lookfantanstic Subscription Boxes, or this Calendar. I wouldn’t repurchase, but I don’t hate it… and I think layering a glitter liquid eye-liner over the top would look Fab!

Day 3

Grow Gorgeous – Scalp detox

The smell of this stuff is delicious but I had no idea what it was for…?! I had to look it up! It states that it’s great for dull and lacklustre locks, helps with hair regrowth and gives a healthier looking scalp. I don’t think this product is for me, mainly because I have a LOT of hair already and it’s big…. REALLY big (and my scalp is fine!) I’ve tried it a few times, but it just feels weird and makes my hair a bit greasy, which is a challenge in itself as my hair is very dry!

The smell alone is probably why I’ve used it so much up to now, but I think I’ll pass the rest of it on to someone who will benefit from it more than I will. It retails for £9 for 50ml and, again, even if it was perfect for me it just seems a lot of money for such a gimmicky item. On the Lookfantastic website it comes as a free gift if you buy a full-size Grow Gorgeous scalp detox (190ml), but I can’t find anywhere to just buy the 50ml size.

Day 4

First aid beauty – Ultra Repair Cream

I have heard of this brand before but never tried anything from them. I don’t suffer with dry skin that often so this product isn’t really for me, but I do get really dry hands in the winter, so I have been using it for that. It retails for £10 and for a hand-cream (which is mainly what I’d use it for) seems a bit much but you do get 2oz of the stuff so that’s pretty good value. It’s the first item of the same size that I’ve actually found for sale on the Lookfantastic website.


Day 5

Balance Me – Flash Cleanse Micellar Water

I’ve used Balance Me products before, either because I have received them as a free gift with a magazine or in a Beauty Subscription Box. They have all been OK products, but not good enough to actually purchase them myself. Having said that, when I saw this product I was over the moon as I had just run out and as far as my face is concerned Micellar water can do no wrong (perhaps I like this stuff more than I first thought….)

But I was wrong! Not that this stuff is bad, it just smells and feels too strong, I’m definitely not going to purchase a bottle of it in the future but it does the job. It came in such a tiny size, 30ml, which is perfect for travel I guess. I can’t see it for sale at all on the Lookfantastic site but on the Balance Me site you can purchase this travel size for £6. I think this is a lot of money for what it is, but it does claim to be 99% natural, which is pretty amazing.

Below I am wearing the Illamasqua Lipstick.


Day 6

This works – In transit, camera close up

I’ve never tried anything by this brand before but always wanted to. I just felt it was too expensive to justify. So, I was excited when I got this in DAY 6 of my Beauty Advent Calendar. I’m happy to report it’s pretty good! It claims to be a mask, moisturiser and prima in one and that it visibly evens, plump’s and brightens skin… and they are right, it does! It’s a 20ml tube and I could only find it for sale on the Lookfantastic site as part of a gift set retailing for £25. I’d highly recommend trying it in the travel size to begin with anyway, and you also get 2 other travel size products to try too. On the actual This Works website, you can purchase the full-size 40ml for £30 if you are interested.

Day 7

James Read – Gradual Tan – Illuminating Body Mist

OK, let’s get one thing straight from the get go – I love glitter! Hence why my blog is called trekking in glitter… but I don’t love this! I’m not a faux tanning kinda girl, but that’s not what bothers me about this product. It’s the lack of control on the sprays nozzle! Who knows where all that gradual tan and glitter is actually going… Not me! I generally stay away from these types of products like the plague but if you have amazing legs that you like to get out on an eve (so not me) I’d highly recommend this… but everyone else, don’t bother, because it looked a bit weird just on the face, neck and arms! I received 30ml of this product in the Calendar, once again on the Lookfantastic website it wasn’t being sold in this size but it was in full-size (200ml) for £30.

Day 8

Redken – No Blow Dry

I have tried Redkan products before in the past, but I can’t remember how they faired in comparison to cheaper brands on the market doing the same thing. I liked this product, even though it’s meant for fine hair, which I DO NOT have (though it does come in medium as well as dry). I ended up using it before blow drying my hair, not unlike a heat protector. It worked very well as that. Would I buy this item? Probably not…. mainly because you can get hair products like this, that do similar stuff to your hair, for so much cheaper. I got this in 30ml which, surprise surprise, you can’t buy on the Lookfantastic site… but you can purchase the 150ml for £15.50.


Bellapierre – Banana Setting Powder

I would never buy Banana Setting Powder! The name scares me, it conjures up an image of me with a very yellow face that doesn’t match my neck… but to be fair, this stuff isn’t that bad in colour. It’s much more natural than I expected, that’s for sure. It set my make up well too and lasted fairly well throughout the day. I received this product in 0.2oz but couldn’t find it for sale on the Lookfantastic site in this size, or in a bigger size for that matter. You can buy the 0.14oz on the Bellapierre site for £25. I’m not sure if I would purchase it at that price but you never know, I really need to use it for a bit longer to see if it’s worth the price tag.

Day 10

Oskia – Renaissance Mask

Well this was a little pot of heaven! Retailing for £51.00 on Lookfantastics site for 50ml, you’d bloody hope so! Obviously, I didn’t get that size in the calendar… I got 10ml, which isn’t a terrible size. I’ve used it 3 times already and its still got a couple more applications left in it. I couldn’t find the 10ml for sale though, which is a bit annoying, but eBay might be a good shout if you fancy trying it before forking out the hefty amount for 50ml. I loved this stuff, but personally I’d never spent that kind of money on a full size face mask. It’s a completely ridiculous price in my opinion!

Day 11

Molton Brown – Ginger Lily Body Wash

I was very happy when I opened this product up. It smells amazing, and its a 100ml bottle too. Again, I can’t find it for sale in that size, or at all, on the Lookfantastic website. Is there a pattern emerging, or what?! On the Molton Brown site though it retails at £20 for 300ml. Would I purchase it in the future? Probably not, because it’s far too expensive for a body wash. From what I’ve seen in the past, people I know who have Molton Brown products in their bathroom usually earn a 6+ figure a year salary and unfortunately, that’s not me.

Day 12

Caudalie – Moisturizing Sorbet

I’m a big fan of Caudalie, but again I find it a bit too expensive…. but I guess that’s the point in why I wanted this type of Beauty Advent Calendar in the first place (trying high end products in mini form). I have only tried Caudalie products before through Subscription Boxes – and it just so happens I have received this item in one of those boxes before. It comes in a 15ml tube, and if I remember rightly from before, it lasted for a couple of months. It’s a really good product. It retails for £23 for 40ml on the Lookfantastic site (again, I couldn’t find the travel size for sale). Even though I really like this product , I’m just not prepared to pay that much for a moisturiser when there are so many cheaper ones out there that are just as good.

Below I’m wearing the Ciate eyeliner and the Bellapierre Banana setting powder.


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