My Beauty Advent.

Hey Peeps,

In November I became obsessed with watching Youtube videos reviewing Beauty Advent Calendars, to the point where I wanted them all, but at the same time I wanted none of them! This was because the element of surprise had been shattered. I still wanted one though and was definitely going to buy one for myself this year, I just needed to find one that I didn’t already know what was awaiting inside. Unfortunately, there weren’t many of them left to choose from now… but the handful that were left I found myself back on Youtube watching spoilers on! Why??? Then, just when I thought I’d seen all the Beauty Advent Calendar spoilers out there I came across a Lookfantastic Beauty Advent Calendar review. I’m not going lie, I did actually watch the day 1 reveal… but I stopped straight after as I knew this was the one. It just seemed like I’d get more of a variety of products than the other beauty advent calendars I’d been looking at (which had mainly been one brand Beauty Advent Calendars.) I was really excited about it.

Then a few things happened in my life (maybe I will go into that at a later date in a blog) that meant I was unable to afford it. I had mentioned it to my boyfriend but didn’t think any more of it. I was having a particularly bad day towards the end of November when my amazing boyfriend surprised me with it. I was overjoyed. What a guy! It was a lot bigger than I’d expected it to be, never a bad thing in my humble opinion! The illustrations on the calendar are drawn to perfection and the fact that its functionality is designed in a way that it can be used as a jewellery box, make-up storage or an advent calendar again in the future is an absolute bonus. It also has a mirror in the top of it, which I think is a super cute touch. It definitely gets a 10/10 for first impressions from me!




Days 1-12 products review coming soon!


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