day 14! Camera, Chair, Action!

Hey Peeps!

This morning my new Camera arrived! I ordered it about a week ago and I am so bloody excited to start using it! It’s an entry level Blogging/Vlogging camera,


The Canon camera I’d had my eye on for some time just seemed too much money when the time actually came to purchase it (maybe one day) but I’m so happy with the Sony Cyber shot. It ticks all the boxes and was in the price range I could realistically afford. I will keep you updated on my progress with it in future blog posts.

Today’s Lipstick pick was Lady Danger by MAC


It’s the newest edition to my collection and today was the first time I’d ever worn it. It’s so fricking stunning! I wore it whilst swimming and paired it with a retro swimsuit. I felt just like a synchronised swimmer, which in my eyes can ONLY be a good thing. Lady danger is a orangey-red colour and I think I might be in Love! It’s a matte Lipstick and didn’t budge an inch whilst swimming.


Next to the Gym I’m a member of, there’s a massive Homesence and today I spotted the perfect office chair. I have needed a new one for ages as my previous one had been second hand and was now starting to become a little uncomfortable to sit in. Normally, I don’t make such big impulse buys but my boyfriend was with me and he had the car, so I took it as a sign.



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