Day 13, My Mum’s Cat.


Hey Peeps!

Today I was put in charge of feeding my Mum’s Cat, who is aptly named ‘Cat’. This meant I had to catch the dreaded bus as I don’t drive.

Top 5 reasons why I hate catching the bus!

1, Crowds of people huddled together

2, The impending worry of getting off at the wrong stop, or missing my stop altogether

3, Feeling too hot even with the windows open

4, Having a panic attack, usually brought on from worrying about all of the above

5, Needing the toilet- also brought on because of Anxiety 99% of the time.

I got ready and put on today’s designated lipstick – Glam Plum Fulham by Rimmel,


It’s one of the oldest in my collection. I’m still a big fan of this lipstick but unfortunately because I have accumulated so many it gets forgotten about. This is a shame as it’s such a pretty colour, and it feels so comfortable to wear. Once the challenge is finished, I’m definitely going to make a conscious effort to wear it more. It’s also such a good price for it’s quality. I find this to be the case with all the Rimmel lipsticks in my collection and because its a plum colour its also going to be perfect during the autumn and winter months. I can’t wait!

I must admit I felt really good today, and I think it was mainly because of the Lipstick… but the fact that the sun was shining helped too! I felt in a really good mood, maybe that’s why the bus journey to feed cat was actually quite pleasant and even though I got off at the wrong stop (see number 2 on the list), it ended up being fine because it was right next to a Matalan! Who doesn’t love a bit of spontaneous shopping? It took about 15 minutes at most to walk from the wrong stop to my mum’s, but even that felt like a blessing as the weather was still so beautiful.

When I finally arrived at my mum’s house Cat was really happy to see me. I fed and fussed him then went on my merry way to catch the bus home, which was equally as pleasant as before. I think I might actually be a bus fan now. The lipstick lasted for a couple of hours before I had to re-apply it, but that’s pretty standard for all non-liquid lipsticks on my lips.


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