Day 12, I Heart Pilates!

Hey Peeps!

It was a slow start to this morning but I really needed it! What I think really helps me to relax and chill out these days other than drugs of the prescription variety is to watch my favourite YouTubers. This morning I mainly watched What Olivia Did (link) I’m a newbie to her channel but she’s become a fast favourite of mine. She’s super cute and so natural. Her style is awesome and I want to buy everything she suggests. Her blog is amazing too, her style of writing is such an inspiration. Blogger goals for sure!

My Top 5 favourite YouTubers at the moment (in no particular order) are…..

What Olivia Did

Emma Hill

Megan Ellaby

Lizzy Hadfield

The Anna Edit

The reason these YouTubers are in my top 5 is because they are all different yet equally relatable! Check them out! I promise you’ll be hooked! They all have blogs too and I aspire to blog as well as they do one day! Oh a girl can dream!

Today’s Lipstick Challenge Pick is Clay Crush by Maybelline


I only left the house today to go to Pilates, which I enjoy so much and will be sorely missed now that I’m blocked from booking any more classes for a month. I wore Clay Crush to the Pilates class, Normally I’d only wear lip balm as I’m not precious at all about how my face looks at the gym. I will admit though, I’ve been guilty in the past of having all the gear but no idea!

Clay Crush wore well during the hour long Pilates session! Its such a pretty colour. I do really love this lipstick but I hardly ever wear it. I’m not sure if it suits me. I just don’t know if I’m a nude lipstick wearing kinda gal????


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