Day 11, I’ve Been Blocked!

Hey Peeps!

I woke up this morning feeling super rough! I felt shaky and had really sore eyes! I had an hour until a class I had previously booked at my gym. I ended up cancelled it, knowing I was never going to make it in time, and now I’m blocked from booking any more classes at my gym for a month – HARSH AF, if you ask me! I couldn’t do much today. I tried to do some journalling but my eyes just felt so bad. I did remember though to put on today’s lipstick challenge pick.

Today’s lipstick is called Summer Lips by My Little Box.


My Little Box is a monthly subscription box. It’s one of the best I’ve subscribed to, and believe me, I’ve subscribed to a lot! Summer Lips is a tinted Lip-balm but looks and feels more like a non-sticky Lip-gloss. I love this colour and it feels amazing on the lips. It lasts for ages without having to reapply it. I’m not sure if you can purchase it individually as it is a My Little Box own brand.

My eye ache turned into a headache, so I took myself off to bed. I was joined by my two cats, so I spent the rest of the day just chilling with them and drifting in and out of consciousness! I can’t believe I’m on day 11 of my challenge and this is the first time I’ve mentioned my cats. The grey one is Sphinx and he loves the sound of thin cellophane rustling, and the black one is Twinx and he LOVES to attack you when you least expect it!


The evening came and I still felt shite. If I can, I try not to panic about days like today as they do eventually pass, but still it wasn’t a good day and the eve was equally as hard to tolerate. If there are any positives to today, other than the little bit of journalling I did and hanging out with my cats, it’s that I managed to wear my challenge lipstick all day. Thank feck it wasn’t a liquid lipstick that I’d picked because that would have certainly sent me over the edge! If I’ve learnt anything so far from this challenge, it is that I wont be buying any more liquid lipsticks any time soon!

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