Day 10, Pizza Was Needed!!!!!!

Hey Peeps!

Today started off well. My boyfriend made me crumpets for breakfast before he went off to work – Someone’s gotta pay the bills around here! But as soon as he left the house, I started to panic about going back to work myself. Last night I’d felt a little panicky, but it passed quite quickly. Today, it didn’t. I rang my doctors and got an appointment for today. At the doctors surgery there were so many kids screaming I thought my head was going to explode. My hearing becomes almost painful when I’m anxious, especially with high pitch noises.

To walk to the doctors I’d just thrown on some jeans, a top, scraped my hair up into a high bun and hid my face behind the largest pair on sunglasses I could find. I wasn’t in any fit state to put on today’s lipstick pick just yet. The doctor signed me off work for two weeks, which I hated the idea of, but I knew it was for the best. I came home and spent the rest of the day filling in my journal and watching my favourite YouTubers! I also did a bit of retail therapy!

I purchased the book Parisian Chic. 


I probably should have purchased a self-help book to combat my anxiety, but learning how to be a chic Parisian just seemed a lot more achievable today. I left doing the house work up until 5.30pm. I just couldn’t be arsed. I also cancelled Pilates for the same reason. I decided, instead, to order pizza and watch the original version of Stephen King’s It, in preparation for the new version! I cannot bloody wait for that! My anxiety didn’t make me feel depressed today, just sluggish and fed up! At 11pm, I decided to put on today’s challenge lipstick. Better late than never I guess!

Today’s pick was Sweet Orchid by Topshop. Unfortunately it went into the sale so is now sold out online. I’d still check your local store though, just in case there’s one hiding underneath something in the cosmetics sale section.


I can’t say wearing this Lipstick improved my mood in itself, but actually bothering to put it on meant I kept to my challenge, which I was proud of myself for achieving. Sweet Orchid is a unique colour that wont be everyone’s cup of tea. I wore it loads in the winter and thought it really suited my complexion. Not so sure I like it on me in the summer, as my skin isn’t as pale as it was. It’s really moisturising, like all of the Topshop lipsticks in my collection are. I took it off before bed at about midnight so I didn’t need to reapply it. From what I can remember from wearing it in the past, it did need reapplying often.


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  1. I get sound-sensitive too. I’ve been looking into misophonia as a possibility…not sure if you’ve researched that before but figured it couldn’t hurt to tell you.


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