Day 9, A Blogtastic Day!

Hey Peeps!

Today was spent mainly note taking…







and Blogging!

I have to go through the above process before I upload anything onto my blog! I think I do this partly because of my OCD and anxiety. The constant need I have inside of my head for all things to be as ‘perfect’ as possible can be exhausting and, as we all know, the reality is that ‘perfect’ is just not possible!

I also do it this way because I want to enjoy these processes creatively! I love decorating my journal with stickers, photos and coloured paper for instance. I also think that if I actually tried to put a blog post up everyday it would not be good for my stress levels right now. One day, I will eventually be able to upload a blog post daily… (well, I’m hoping!) But for now, as long as I have my notes and my journal I have at least recorded everyday of my lipstick challenge and my recovery process for reference in my future blog posts!

Today’s Lipstick challenge pick was…

Charlotte Tilbury’s Lost Cherry!


I bought this lipstick after the stunning Melanie Murphy wore it in a get ready with me video on her YouTube channel!


I’m a super fan of her style!  GOTTA LOVE THE POWER OF THE VLOGGER!

It’s one of only a handful of high end lipsticks I own. I am definitely not a make-up snob, that’s for sure!

If I like the colour I’m buying it regardless but I think I have a limit on high-end priced items! I buy what I can afford and justify. when a lipstick is more expensive than £10, for example, it would probably have to be because it’s a birthday gift to myself! (Because we all do that… Right?)

Lost Cherry has that vanilla high-end lipstick smell I’m obsessed with. It’s the right amount of moisturising and lasts on my lips for a surprisingly long time. I took this lipstick to Latitude festival this year and wore it on two separate days whilst there. It was hot at the festival so unfortunately it got a bit warm and has now come away from it’s tube. I just have to be careful when using it now.  I learnt this first-hand whilst trying to reapply it this eve in my local pub bathroom, because it flew out and landed in a nearby sink!

I have actually really missed wearing this lipstick during the challenge, as I was wearing it pretty much every other day beforehand. I would highly recommend a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, but only if you can afford it or with birthday money, or as a little treat for yourself. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

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