Day 7, Bing! I’m Awake!

Hey Peeps!

I was up and at ’em this morning! I hadn’t felt this awake in years! The Mirtazapine had been making my mind a bit foggy but today, that had totally lifted! Although, my eyes still felt a little heavy.

My boyfriend and I decided to go for a swim. I wore my old faithful, 1950’s style, blue and white polka dot swimsuit that I’d had for ages.

The lipstick I picked today for the challenge was…


Jeffree Stars Flamethrower!

I felt totes retro!

I thought I would of received a lot more stares in the pool than I did… After all, it’s a bright orange lipstick! I felt like I was breaking some unwritten pool rules, but in a fun way, like water bombing or necking, but not as severe as peeing! I couldn’t put my head under the water and pretend I was looking at multi-coloured fish whilst snorkeling in the Bahamas like I usually do, but I did get quite a few lengths in.

I probably could have put my head under the water, because ‘Mr Butterfly’ in the fast lane splashed my face so many times during my swim. Despite this, my lipstick didn’t budge an inch! Flamethrower is a liquid lipstick and a mega drying one at that, but I love the colour so much I still wear it regardless.

Overall, today I feel really proud of myself and I don’t feel that very often! Sometimes, just going out the house can freak me out to the point that I’ll have a panic attack . Today, I managed to go swimming with an orange lipstick on and the only attack I had was of the giggles when I realised I looked a bit like Judith Chalmers!


(I did say I was feeling retro!)

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