Day 6, My New Palette!

Hey Peeps!

I felt like a new person this morning! The Mirtazapine is working, that I’m sure of. It’s amazing how much more awake and productive I’ve felt since taking it. My eyes still look like I’m stoned but I don’t want to crawl under a table and hide in the corner… so every cloud and all that jazz!

Today, I was actually looking forward to going out of the house. Debenhams had my Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette held hostage! I even put on a full face of make up to leave the house in. The main thing I noticed today was my surge in motivation. I had been lacking that for quite some time.



The lipstick I picked for the challenge today was another Sleek number! This time: Birthday Suit.

Birthday Suit is such a pretty nude colour. It’s a liquid lipstick again, as all the sleek lipsticks in my collection are, but its not as drying or patchy as some of the others I own. I think this might be because it’s a nude. The others I own are all on the red/purple spectrum, which I have heard can be difficult to formulate. I think this lipstick is beautiful and would suit any skin tone. I actually felt really nice today, sometimes that happens when I haven’t worn a full face of make up for a while. Is that just me?

BTW, I’m super in love with the colours in the new Naked Heat Palette and can’t wait to use it! (Stay tuned, perhaps there will be an eye make up look coming soon!)

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