Day 5, Best Mum Ever!

Hey Peeps!

Today I wasn’t feeling that great after yesterday, which was no surprise to me. The Mirtazapine had chilled me out loads though, which I was really thankful for. I think my mum had been pretty worried about me, because just before my boyfriend left for work, she turned up at my front door! I think she was worried that If I was left alone I might hurt myself, because Depression can make people want to do that sometimes.

I honestly did not feel like that today and luckily the depression had lifted, I actually got out of bed a couple of times. I made us some pasta and helped her navigate my computer as she looked for holidays for herself and my step dad! I also got up out of bed to apply today’s lipstick pick! It is actually a lip-gloss, and one of my favourites…


Raspberry Rhapsody by Maybelline.

The colour of this lip-gloss is a lot more intense than the other lip-glosses in my collection, and its the least sticky one too. With my other lip-glosses I tend to layer them on top of other lipsticks, but this one I always wear on its own. The way it feels on my lip makes me think its a luxury, high-end lip-gloss, but its very affordable. Sadly, you can’t pick it up in Boots or Superdrug anymore but you might have some luck on eBay or at your local £1 shop, which is where I found mine! Every time I wear this lip-gloss I can’t stop rubbing my lips together as it’s so moisturising. I’d like to think wearing it today cheered me up because it’s very pretty. If your in the market for a new lip-gloss and you can still purchase it, I highly recommend this one.

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