Day 2, Pub Quiz Ready!

Hey peeps! Today’s lipstick was my first lucky-dip pick and it was…

IMG_7299 (1)

Rio Rio, by Topshop.

I won this lipstick a while back now, and to this day its still one of my favourite lipsticks ever and its massively underrated in my humble opinion.

In the late morning my boyfriend and I loosely made plans to go for a bike ride and for a carvery. We ended up doing neither as my hangover kicked in (thanks, Girls Night Out) and I fell asleep. I woke to a roast dinner all cooked for me by my boyfriend, who’s clearly a saint. Later, at about 7ish, I decided to stop festering in my PJs, have a wash and get ready for the pub quiz at our local pub.

Last week I missed the pub quiz as I couldn’t even bring myself to get out of bed from a bout of that depression I mentioned in my first post. I’m not going to lie, I still felt a bit off today but I’d just put it down to drinking cocktails of the alcoholic variety the night before! But I was focused on my challenge and excited to come up with a make-up look around today’s designated lipstick. Once I was finished with my look I felt pretty chuffed. I love anything creative, it keeps my mind occupied and it really improved my mood over all.

At the pub I drank a pint of lager (just the 1) and ate chip butties (more than one). I applied Rio Rio once after finishing my butty binge. One of the ladies on my pub quiz team asked how I manage to keep my lipstick on after drinking and eating. I told her I had just reapplied it, but maybe I didn’t need to after all as she hadn’t noticed. Again, I can’t big this lipstick up enough, and I think its a must to have in your collection if you like the colour, It also feels so moisturising on the lips.


I’ve had this lipstick for a few years now. I never stick to the dates on how long to keep make-up for. I only get rid of make-up if its gloopy or it smells weird, but this lipstick is still as good as new (if not stubby in size). I will definitely be buying a new one soon. I can pretty much wear it with any eye make up colour.

I especially love it paired with just black mascara on my lashes, for a quick and simple everyday look.

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