Day 1, Girls Night Out

Hey peeps! Today was a good day! I was all set for our girls night out. Outfit, check! Hair style, check! Make up, check! As you already know from my previous blog post I actually ended up picking my lipstick for this eve, and I ended up picking…….


Candy Yum Yum by Mac.

I am 100% sure I picked the right lipstick for this occasion, bright, comfortable to wear and smells delicious. I felt like a million bucks! Girls night started with a joint birthday meal. I had a panic attack a few days prior and it had been one of the worst attacks I’d had in ages, so I was pretty chuffed with myself for not feeling at all anxious at the meal. I knew everyone there and they are all such good fun, so that helped massively.

One of the girls at the meal asked, “are you wearing Candy Yum Yum?” I was pretty impressed with her lipstick colour noticing skills. Especially as I always thought Candy Yum Yum looked different on me than other people, but I guess I was wrong! Earlier on, before going out, I had taken a cheeky selfie and uploaded it to Instagram. My sister commented that she thought I looked like a sultry Sophia Loren, which was so nice of her to say, but I thought I looked more like Patsy out of Ab Fab!


I only reapplied Candy Yum Yum once, and that was straight after food. That’s because as soon as cocktail drinking through a straw was on the menu, I couldn’t be bothered. I also had a very difficult to take off jumpsuit so I didn’t go to the loo for the rest of the evening. No loo, no mirror, no fucks given!


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