Day 0, Welcome to my Blog!

It was that time again… the girls night out!

That time when I usually agonise over what to wear.  But this time, I had recently purchased  a black  jumpsuit, a pair of espadrille wedges and some massive red tasselled earrings. I was good to go, so to speak.  But then, I thought about my make up options and realised with dread in my soul that I didn’t own the perfect lipstick  to wear with said outfit. I needed a new one and I needed it NOW, as if my life depended on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the hunt ensued…………..

Long story short as this is a blog post not a novel, I couldn’t find a lipstick that didn’t look like one I already had in my collection. I decided this couldn’t be true, and started to REALLY look through my collection.  Whilst doing so, I counted them…

I owned 50 lipsticks!

I was so shocked! I even added up the overall cost (which I am too ashamed of to print.. Ok, it was at least £200!)  But still, I wanted a new one. In fact I wanted the perfect one! Whatever that means?! I eventually picked a lipstick from my ridiculously massive collection and, you know what, it was perfect.  Do you know what else?  It had been there all along, hanging out with all the others.

This got me thinking, how many of these lipsticks do I actually wear?  Whilst I hadn’t forgotten about the lipstick I ended up picking, I hadn’t worn it in ages.

Stepping away from the enormous scale of my lipstick collection for a moment:  I had been having a really bad time lately.  Feeling motivated with life in general had been a struggle. I have Anxiety and OCD and I can get bouts of Depression because of it. I’d just been discharged from the primary mental health service in my area.  They had decided I didn’t need any more help.  From where I was sitting, I didn’t agree with that decision… but there was nothing I could do about it.  

I realised I had no choice but to help myself, or I would suffer forever.  But I had no idea where to start. It was only when I ended up picking the perfect lipstick from my collection that I found the challenge I needed. If it could just keep my mind occupied, it would be a good start.

I emptied all my lipsticks, lip-glosses, lip crayons and liquid lipsticks on to my bed.  I closed my eyes and picked them one by one (mainly for fun, but for the challenge none the less) until there were none left. I now had a different lipstick designated to wear everyday for next 50 days.  Other than the first lipstick, they were all picked at random.  It felt like the kind of challenge I could achieve!

To push myself a little further, I decided that I would document these 50 days and see if I could discover some new type of therapy.  If I did, what would I would call it? We already have LIP STICK therapy, the purchasing of a lipstick every time we feel a bit shit! (Hence why I have 50).

So, maybe you’re interested in seeing how I get on…?  It may be whether this challenge helps me to go outside the house during my lowest times.  We may find out whether the colours of certain lipsticks are mood enhancing.  We might see whether getting a compliment results in making me smile.  Or, whether cranking up my endorphins levels by wearing a bright lipstick whilst swimming actually works.  Or, you just might want to know how long the colour I’m wearing lasts before I have to reapply it again.  Whatever the ‘whether’, I welcome you with open arms along for this crazy ride!

Be sure to check this blog tomorrow with Day 1 of The 50 Lipsticks in 50 Days Challenge!

(Catchy title, isn’t it) ;p

(It’s better than some lame pun, like 50 Grades of Shade…)



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